Money and Moving Overseas

Today, Stuart and I have finally sat down over Skype to face the reality of our financial life. I’m feeling extraordinarily depressed over the whole thing. Love across borders isn’t cheap. In fact, it is just about out of our means. Part of the problem is that I am saddled with a house for which I paid $150,000 which is now worth significantly less. Having lived here only 6 years, I don’t have a substantial enough equity to make anything on it. I’ll be very lucky if I come out even. Plus I’m not making much money right now while in transition; my little savings won’t last much longer. On top of that, we’re looking at expensive moving and immigration costs. There’s plane tickets, shipping fees, mail forwarding service, paperwork processing fees, accountants fees, and on and on and on…


Is looking at the big picture in the way I always have done really necessary? Helpful even? Because all I feel is drained by it all. Is this an outdated habit that repeatedly confirms to me concepts of limit and impossibility? By letting myself see this current “reality” in detail, am I discounting the miracles the universe has in store for us? Shouldn’t I be putting my attention on creating a buyer at my asking price? Shouldn’t I be focusing on creating future income streams? Where’s the love in figures? Where’s the joy? Love , joy, gratitude…these are the creative and manifestive energies of the universe. How do I pull my head out of the butt it’s always been in and give it some fresh air???

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