Test of Faith

This process of meeting Stuart, falling in love, getting married, and now moving overseas has been such an amazing journey. It has really been a massive dismantling of my entire life and identity…a letting go of incomprehensible proportions to even myself, let alone to those who have never gone through it themselves. It’s also been one hurdle after another with very little rest between.

Through it all, at many points, I felt so impatient. I just wanted to be there already and start living the next phase of my life. The lingering limbo seemed eternal. Now I see just how much coordination the whole thing really took, and I understand so much better why it did take so long. In fact, thank God it didn’t happen sooner! I seriously needed all the time I had…every second…and not just to learn how to and do all that had to be done. It took me all that time to let go and trust. And Life needed all that time to do what it needed to do, too…to coordinate what was outside of my control.

It actually took concerted effort over months to sell all my belongings. (With the exception of the house, I’ve sold all my big items!) I It has taken months to learn some basic French. It has taken months to say all my goodbyes. It also took months for me to let go of some really old baggage that I simply didn’t want to have to ship! I can hardly believe that it’s all finally come together. I’m going to France!

Today, a neighbor and immigrant himself, asked me if I thought it would be “better over there.” Better? I hadn’t really been thinking about it in those terms. I mean, I don’t expect it to be better. I expect it to be different...very different. There are things I don’t particularly like about the US, and there will be things I don’t particularly like about France. Likewise, there are things I love about the US, and there will be other things I love about France. This is an opportunity to discover such things and discover aspects of myself as well.

To be honest, I don’t know what to expect. I’m simply following the call. It feels I have to do this…throw myself into the stream of the unknown. It brings to mind my favorite old testament story, the one of Abraham about to sacrifice his son, Issac. It was a test of faith. This is a test of mine. Most every step of the way, I have battled with great anxiety and fear. I have wrestled all kinds of negative thoughts and warnings thrown at me by a concerned sense of self. I have questioned my own sanity, too. I am quite aware there will be backlash and unexpected consequences to my actions, but of these I am no longer afraid. Or maybe I should say, I’m no longer afraid of the mind’s interpretations of them.




3 thoughts on “Test of Faith

  1. Love this post, Dielle! Since you haven’t sold the house, I”m wondering if you have considered – hmmmm, don’t know how to say this, letting someone pay the mortgage each month and when they’re done paying the house will be theirs, and if they stop they don’t get their money back? THere must be a word for that. With all the legal paperwork involved with that, of course. Just wondering. I know two people looking for a house, but don’t have a big down nor does she have a high paying job. By normal routes, she’d be the only one they’d be looking at for a loan. Her husband has a job, he’s just got lousy credit from a previous marriage. Just don’t know if they’d be interested in this situation.

    Blessings be to you and Stuart!

    I love you,


  2. I have dived the deepest seas or scaled the highest mountains to be with Gary 🙂 I hope you will find that now that things can settle into you 2 being together that this was all worth the “extra” efforts it took for you to be together. You had to totally shake up that old world you were into to get to this place – regardless of any outcomes, you are a stronger being and representative of what it takes to walk the path of a true Lightworker on Planet Earth. May you Love grow and blossom now that you are finally together in a space of Love. Huggies, JoAnn

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