Grapes of Wrath?

Van Gogh and I have something in common. I wish it were talent, but alas, it is our fascination with grapevines!

Every time my husband and I drive somewhere, I have the benefit of the passenger seat where I am free to look out at the beautiful scenery here. The vineyards are exceptionally interesting at this time of year, naked as they are. Their twisted and contorted shapes are absolutely captivating. 20160305_155737 20160305_155610

Not too long ago, I took a walk through a vineyard with my camera. I saw all kinds of fairy-like shapes among the vines…cute little pixies poking out their bottoms, tormented ogres with wound-up faces, animal shapes, and even religious motifs. There are so many wonderful spirits in the vineyards!

gr1Yesterday, driving to Cafe de la Gare in Gourville where my husband was going to be teaching an art lesson, we came upon a strange sight. In fact, I made my husband pull the car over, I was so gr2astounded. An entire plot of grapevines had been beheaded! It was quite an eerie site.

I took some pictures of the strange vision. It actually made me quite sad; all those spirits decapitated! (I guess that’s the price of having a good imagination.)

20160305_153728I have since learned that this is something that forces all the energy of the plant into growing grapes instead of foliage. Makes sense. But what a massacre! Maybe that’s why the vines so often resemble Christ on the cross. They sacrifice themselves every year and give us wine in return.



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