The French Health Care System Part VI: The Follow Up

It seems specialists aren’t as easy to see quickly here in France (and yes, that’s the same everywhere, I’m afraid). I don’t have an appointment with a cardiologist for four months and things aren’t looking much better to schedule with a GYN. So a day or so ago, I returned to follow-up with my general practitioner.ah_ha

Since my husband needed a referral to an optician, we decided to make back-to-back appointments. We arrived a few minutes before my appointment time and sat in the waiting room for an hour and fifteen minutes. It happens! I think it happens here more than in the US because here, doctors aren’t treating patients like an assembly line…five minutes, g’bye, next! For as long as we waited, the same amount of time was given to us by the doctor!

I handed her my business card because last time, she expressed an interest in my meditation instruction. Then my husband mentioned his painting lessons in which she had mentioned an interest as well. So they talked about that for a few minutes. I was thinking of the small horde of people outside waiting!

After the pleasantries, she reviewed my bloodwork. I was relieved that my LDL cholesterol was not as concerning to her as it was to me. She does want me to change a few things…more exercise (which I already do every day but maybe not enough aerobic-type stuff), the expected dietary changes, some vitamins, but no medications, thank goodness!

Then she looked at the hormone tests and matter-of-factly pronounced “Menopause!” No shocker there, really. The last couple of years of my life, I have had multiple personalities. Now I know why.

We then moved on to review my echographie results. No news there either. I need to see a GYN. I have yet to schedule an appointment with one. I’ve tried, but I never seem to get a hold of a human. In fact, I’ve been trying all morning to make a radiology appointment with no luck either. Nothing frustrates me more! It is tension-producing enough to have to make a call in French and wonder whether or not I’ll actually be able to communicate. It takes a great deal of psyching myself up beforehand. And now the landline has a dead battery and of course, the cell phone has no reception here.

Anyway, back to my appointment. Since I had put my back out earlier in the week, the doctor took a look at that too. My whole life, I have been blessed to be so very healthy. Everything now seems to be hitting me at once!

She wrote me several pieces of paper…some prescriptions, a couple more lab tests, blood work in 4 months… I paid a whopping 6 euros 90 centimes for her services. Then it was my husband’s turn. He received the referral he desired and paid his 6.90 too.

Between my appointment and my husbands, the receptionist came in bearing pharmaceutical gifts for some sinus-related product. She and the doctor were excited about the colorful cup of pens and 2017 calendar. I guess Big Pharma plays its little games of enticement in every country.




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