Everybody Do the Expat Limbo!

The day steadfastly approaches. Article 51 is about to be ratified. To give you an idea of the significance of this debacle, here’s how it leaves my husband and I in limbo:
1) My entire right to live here and work in France and travel within the EU is based on my marriage to an EU citizen
2) Stuart’s right to live and work here is based on being a British/EU citizen too; at least he can always return to the UK (just not necessarily with me as the foreign spouse!)
3) Stuart’s state pension is protected under Britain’s EU agreements; will they now change the rules?
4) Our income is primarily pound sterling which may plummet (as it has) or rise in relation to the euro. Who knows?
5) Depending on what decisions are made and how long they take to make them, we will not only not know our rights, we won’t know our options.
“They” say it is complicated. “They” have no idea! In a world where Brexit will never happen, Trump will never be president, US Citizens with the “wrong” religion are questioned before being allowed to enter their own country, and immigrants with valid visas and no crime history are refused entry, the only certainty is that nothing man-made will ever make sense.
Am I worried? No. Not really. Why worry about what I have no control over? But it does suck quite a bit…and we’re just one example of millions.