Expat Coaching & Meditation for Wellbeing

We all have days when it is hard to keep the chin up. Whether we are under the weather with a bug, missing friends or family, hungry for foods we can’t get in our expat country, lonely, just plain exhausted, or feeling blocked at every bureaucratic turn, these are the times we need to reach out for inspiration…and regrettably, there are times when it seems no one or thing is in reach! And even if they are, it is sometimes awkward or scary to share our deepest and darkest questionings with those we love back home, let alone with the tender new friendships we are striving to cultivate in a new land.

Love on the BeachI know first-hand how incredibly isolating that can feel. I understand the grieving process that accompanies leaving everything you’ve known and worked for, sometimes even dreams you held an entire life, in exchange for the unknown. I have felt the devastation that can come when reality doesn’t measure up to the hidden expectation and the dizzying confusion and doubt that can set in about what comes next. I get the disorientation and fear that bewilders our sense of self and the mixture of shame and humiliation that tries to inflict its judgments, deepening suffering even more, and making it that much harder to help yourself.

I’m here to tell you, you’re not alone. And you aren’t doing it “wrong” either. This life is really, really challenging. And I am here to offer my ear, experiences, and skills in meditation, healing, and coaching to women expats and trailing spouses navigating a whole new world. I will share with you what I have learned along my own path toward healing and self-acceptance. I will listen and I will sit with you in meditation, sometimes guided, sometimes silent, to help shift your state from one of disorder and chaos to one of tranquility and acceptance, even if only for a few breaths. Together, we can restore your center, help you rebuild from the ground up, and choose new habits that will help you cultivate more positivity in your life, no matter what you are facing.

There are weekly group meditations available if you are in the Brossac area and of course, one-on-one sessions.

Sessions are held in person, over the phone, or via Skype. Payment is due in advance via Paypal. If you are experiencing financial challenges, please speak to me about it.

1/2 hour is 24 €
1 hour is 45 €

The first step is yours.

+33 0545788251



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