The French Health Care System IV: Blood Test

So, today, I had my blood tests performed at a lab in a nearby town. I had made an appointment the other day. My appointment was at 8:50AM so I had to fast 12 hours from the night before.

We arrived and were called to the reception desk immediately. The woman behind the counter didn’t speak English for which I was grateful; I need all the practice I can get. She finished taking my details and we had a seat.

Almost immediately, I was called into a room where a very masterful technician drew two vials of blood from my somewhat teeny-weeny veins while he complimented me on my French. (I held in the laughter.) And voila! It was over. The entire thing took less that 15 minutes.

croissantAs a treat, Stuart took me to a patisserie afterwards where we both indulged in a somewhat unhealthy but buttery and flaky breakfast. It made it all worth while.

Within a week, I received the results of the test in the mail. Guess that buttery croissant was a bad idea! My cholesterol is up. That’s what two years of stress and the French diet will do to a woman. Goodbye cheese. Goodbye eggs. Goodbye butter.