Transition Plan

So, I realize that I am undergoing 4 of the biggest 7 stressors people go through in life:  moving, marriage, work/career changes, and death (I’m dying to my old life here in the US). I don’t want to argue for my reasons to be totally bonkers, but rather, while I have this moment of sanity to look at how I’ve been handling these challenges to my identity, self-worth, direction, stability, and comfort, I can see that at times, I forget to handle it at all! Or at best, I attempt to cope with outdated methods like chocolate brownies covered in ice cream and hot fudge or watching days’ worth of old Man Men seasons to feel better. I want to look at how I’m really going to cope with all these transitions. It’s only going to get more challenging.

So here’s my plan…

1) I’m going to start by reminding myself that grief, confusion, terror, loss of control, anger, and fragility are perfectly normal when facing huge transitions. That’s just to say… I’m bound to have these feelings arise. They are not a symbol of my spiritual immaturity, thank you very much (though how I deal with them may be). They are a human part of letting go, and last I checked, I’m still (rather unfortunately) human. I will allow them their own timetable and be the one who sits with them when they arise.

2) Every morning when I wake up, I will embrace the Klingon mantra, “It is a good day to die.” I need to remind myself that, at least for a while, I’m going to be dying to more and more of my old life with no tangible signs of my imminent rebirth. Unnerving, so might as well make a ritual out of it. I can meet each day with the attitude of a true warrior and remember that the blessings, grace, and miracles that often accompany death are sure to follow.

3) I will make an even greater conscious effort to eat better. I’ll eat fresher, purer, and eliminate more of what I know isn’t serving me. I’ll actually take the supplements in my cabinet instead of just push them to the back. I’ll up the quality of my water and start taking supplemental greens. I’ll start pushing C and take some B’s and anything else I can think of to keep my parts happy. In fact, I’ll also send love and care to each of my vital organs and systems every day before I go to bed…have a dialogue with them…ask them what they need.

4) I’m already exercising every day. I love it. I know this is absolutely essential to not only my sanity today but to my ability to handle more tomorrow. Thank God for kundalini yoga, chi gong, Doonya, and my new Tensegrity practice…and for that matter, Youtube! And thanks to the music of ShapeshifterDNA for accompanying my Tensegrity and stretching.

5) I will seek the support of my acupuncturist, get some massage, use EFT, take epsom salt baths, and do other things that nurture my body, mind, emotions  and spirit. Last week, I went to a toning circle led by someone else which was absolutely awesome; I’ve been neglecting my need to make noise with others having been so occupied with the deconstruction of my life as I know it and all the bureaucrazy of my future life.

6) I will spend time dreaming every day…simply exercising my imagination and heart’s desire. I’ll imagine the perfect day, the perfect place, a great circle of new friends, my flowering ability to speak and understand French, and my new life there with opportunity, creativity, and prosperity. I will imagine that obstacles resolve and dissolve with grace and ease. I will focus on how I can bring more beauty and truth into the world, and I will generate gratitude for it all.

7) I will actively make time to open my heart and clean any lingering wounds. I actually signed up for an e-course on the topic of relationship anxiety. I’m hoping it will give me some insight. If nothing else, it is a step in the direction of my desires. And in this same arena, I want to consciously start saying goodbye…to friends, to things, to aspects of myself. I will take inventory of all I’ve learned, mistakes I’ve made, and blessings I’ve counted.

8) When all these fail to prevent my eventual contractions, I will know somewhere in my being that I have faith in the process of my awakening into Light. I am already whole and perfect and will remember once more.

How do you cope when you’re facing tremendous stress, loss, and/or fear? What tools do you rely upon to keep you sane?