I was so careful “back home” to drink plenty of water, watch my sugar and fat intake, and avoid wheat and dairy. In Asheville, when I needed groceries, I had the choice of several everyday stores as well as Whole Foods, EarthFare, the Co-op, and the all new and unique to Asheville, Katuah Market, from which to purchase local, organic, gluten-free, GMO-free, and generally healthy foods.

In France, at least in the area I’m in, I have the choice of LeClerc and Carrefour, the nicer of the grocery chains, as well as the Bio Co-op or La Vie Claire, which are the healthier counterparts (but quite teeny compared to those in the US).

France is already way ahead of the US in terms of not allowing certain disgusting things to be done to their food. For example, they are anti-GMO! Go France! One of the things I’ve been loving again is tuna fish. I gave up fish in the US…something to do with the Gulf Oil Spill coupled with Fukushima. However, France doesn’t seem to care about canola oil (rapeseed), but then again, neither does Trader Joe’s. And they definitely don’t have the whole gluten-free thing down. They are wild about their bread (maybe something to do with the French Revolution and all those hungry people begging for “le pain”)! And unfortunately, they are also nuts about cheese and chocolate…and pastry…and ice cream…and wine…did I mention wine…oh, and whipped cream?

…which is why I’ve started working out twice instead of once a day!

I must admit, adjusting isn’t easy here. There are so many temptations to overcome and none of my trusty alternatives to fall back on. I find myself eating bread almost daily (while longing for my Ezekial loaf). I also find myself eating cheese several times a week. I even started drinking an occasional glass of wine with my dark chocolate mousse. That cannot go on!!! My guts will revolt! And for some reason, I’m not drinking enough water anymore (something to do with being full already)?

Really, there are alternatives here. For example, we can find gluten-free pasta, no problem. But I haven’t been disciplined enough to avoid all the readily available other stuff. I think I better start getting a grip on myself, though. When I first arrived, I knew I’d be faced with food challenges. I came up with this brilliant idea to have an “eat anything Sunday”. Problem is, every day is becoming an eat anything day!

So here’s me recommitting to my health: Goodbye dairy and bread. I will miss you. It was nice to have you sneak back into my intestinal tract temporarily. And perhaps we’ll see each other briefly on special occasions. But now, I must find satisfaction in other things.